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Nurturing your Spring Awakening for your Body Mind & Soul

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020

Nature teaches us about the most important part of Life itself: Awakening! Spring is a time of rebirth and transformation as we step out of the darkness of winter into the light and colors of spring. 

Spring is about growth, and it does require a certain amount of effort and letting go. Transformation usually nudges you outside your comfort zone. Our survival instincts can make us want to cling to the old, but seeds need to persevere and push out towards the light of the sun to blossom.

For me, it feels like the more needed the growth opportunity is,  the more resistance I experience.  I use to judge myself as a failure and get discouraged when resistance would show up. “Not this again. I thought I took care of ( fill in the blank)  already?”  I have learned to be compassionate with myself and welcome it as a sign that I am on the verge of another self-discovery that will bring me into a more significant experience of my life. It’s a little bit like when you become a parent or adopt a pet or fall in love. Just when you think you couldn’t possibly love more – you do. 

This is what your body and your life are offering you with every chalenge.  When you surrender, you can move towards your truth and  love yourself more- unconditionally. 

Within our hearts lies the desire to live a meaningful, fulfilling life. Our inner spirit wants to feel Peace, Love, and Joy because that are the pieces of the truth of who we are.  If you listen deeply, you can feel in your heart the calling of your spirit to awaken and connect with your inner peace and well-being. Unfortunately, the thoughts and feelings that come from fear, stress, judgment, and negativity can pull out of love and create suffernig. The attachement to the drama and to the struggle of life, can also keep your heart in a state of winter.

In each moment you can choose to be a victim or a creator. You can choose to experience more Joy or drama.

It’s not what is occurring in your life that necessarily creates your life experience, but how you relate to what is occurring. 

It all comes down to the choices you make– moment by moment. CHOICE is what is creating and constructing the reality of your life. It’s not what is occurring in your life that necessarily creates your life experience, but how you relate to what is occurring. With every minute and every breath, you are engaging in this process of choice and creation. Taking time to meet yourself each morning in a quiet moment allows you to let the sun rise in your heart to awaken your gift to choose more consciously what you engage with emotionally throughout your day. That is the power of LIFE. It empowers you to break out of your habitual negative responses. In each moment you can choose to be a victim or a creator. You can choose to experience more Joy or drama. The journey of awakening to your Soul-Truth can have a tremendous impact on improving your quality of LIFE.

“  What does "Inner" Awakening mean?”

Awakening is the blossoming of your innermost being.

It is the discovery of your true essence and the release of the self-limiting blocks and fears accumulated by years of endlessly searching outside yourself. It is the healing of the pain caused by disempowerment and low self-worth.

Enlightenment is a beginning and an end.

It is letting go and letting in.

Letting go of the old, veiled, dark ego with its longings, illusions, and frustrations.

It is letting in the experience of expansion and the unknown. It is a great adventure in consciousness.

 Awakening is a transformation that causes us to break free from the attachments to suffering and the old way of life. It allows you to heal and let go of old belief systems associated with lack and limitation.

It allows you to be free from the known and the fear of the unknown.

It sets you free from the illusion of duality between you and truth.

It is the ability to accept what is, as it is, and to embrace who you are, as you are, and raise the FLAG

        It is to                                Forgive yourself, others & Life

        It is to                                Love unconditionally

       It is to                                Accept with compassion

It is acquiring an attitude of    Gratitude.

It shows you the way out of the darkness of night from the past. Eases the grip of the drama of the old stories. It brings you into the light of the sunrise and opens you to see the opportunity of a new beginning. You can at this moment start a new story that supports you being YOU. It connects you to the call of your spirit. It leads you into the Light of day of the Eternal Now...  

Enlightenment is a journey where you can experience Presence -

You can pull up the FLAG to align yourself and your life with a harmonious low to live in the Grace of LIFE.

This week, to help you step into a moment of peace, I'm giving you access to one of my guided meditations specifically attuned to the energy of the new moon we are in right now. I created this meditation to help you clear some space in our heart to feel Peace and bring some Light into your body and your life. 

You can access it right now by clicking HERE


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