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The Current energetic Opportunity for YOU in November

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2020

 Every first Saturday of the month, I spend an hour with my Master group and Spark members in a live coaching interactive zoom video-call. We have a cup of tea or coffee together and talk about any specific challenge they are meeting and need support with; I share timely information about the current month's energetic opportunities. I tune in and share tools and ayurvedic suggestions to support our mind, body, and spirit for the specific month.

We end with a short guided meditation.

Here I am giving you a condensed version, which includes a 10-minute reset mediation at the end to support you right now. This is like a video version of my Tools For JoyFull Living articles. You can sit back, relax, listen, and receive. 

I hope you enjoy it.

Additional Support for November:

Inner Peace for World Peace HERE (those of you that purchased the lifetime access of the Full version of the 22-minutes- daily practice meditation and class replay, with an in-depth explanation, have the shorter condensed version now right inside your course)


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