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 Self-Mastery Journey: 

Activating your Superpowers

to heal and thrive

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 "Before coming into this program, I was in a state of perpetual frustration and self doubt. With each class,  I gain more confidence, clarity and calm."  

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 "This work changed my life for the better. I was able to release the many stories and tightly guarded tensions that were the instigators of much unhappiness and health problems."

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 "Louise's Chakra Journey Program is tremendously supportive. It was a profound healing journey of self-understanding and acceptance.
Thank you!"

Healing your Spiritual Nature & Self-Worth Through the Chakra


This online program is designed to take you through an experiential journey of the chakras to balance, heal and harmonize you body, mind, and spirit.  

 Live in Spiritual Harmony with your Soul Truth.

  • Learn how to deepen your awareness of how your body communicates with you.
  • Deepen your relationship with your Higher-Self.
  • Become the Master of your Mind.
  • Cultivate a new path to your Spiritual nature that is compatible with the "reality" of your life.
  • Heal self-worth and disempowerment issues.
  • Gain insights to overcome fears, self-limiting blocks & patterns.
  • Gain strategies to manage & reduce stress.
  • Awaken your passion for living Your Best Life Now.

"I feel like I am such a different person than I was when I started the class... Thank you..."

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The program includes video and audio classes, guided meditations, breathing techniques, and more to heal and clear the stories that are holding you back at a deep physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Week 1: Chakra 1 the Root- Muladhara
The first floor of the structure of your L.I.F.E. The roots of your whole being- Body Mind & Spirit

Week 2: Chakra 2 The Sacral- Swadhisthana
Creative Force Within you: clearing self-doubt.

Week 3: Chakra 3- The Navel - Manipura
COMMITMENT: Reclaiming your Self-Worth.

Week 4: Chakra 4 - The Heart- Anahata
COMPASSION: Loving & Accepting unconditionally

Week 5: Chakra 5- The Throat- Vishuddha
Clarification- Self-Expression of your Truth

Week 6: Chakra 6 - The Third Eye - Ajna
Being the Master of your Mind: the Power of Intuition

Week 7: Chakra 7- The Crown - Sahaswara
Seat of the Soul – Spiritual Surrender

Week 8: Chakra 8- The Aura - Tejas
The whole of you: Manifesting and Living in the Flow

"I loved the classes. Some new information for me and some familiar I got to go deeper with. Your guidance in the exercises really helped me break some new ground on my self-healing journey and meet myself in a whole new, more honest way. I feel I am finally getting unstuck!! Thank you."