Louise Lavergne

Louise Lavergne


Louise amusingly refers to herself as a

spiritual sanitation engineer. She says, 

“There is nothing about you that

needs to be fixed. We’re here to

clean up and heal. Once you are in

a healing relationship with yourself, you regain your authentic power and the fog clears. You can then fully embrace your soul purpose to

align with your authentic self.

It’s all about the life-long quest to

embody and BE unconditional love.”

Louise gives you specific tools, including videos, audio recordings you can easily integrate within the reality of your busy life

Restore your Foundation for health and success from the core of your BEING:

Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.

Louise Lavergne

Louise Lavergne is an author, a spiritual mentor, and an international speaker in personal growth and empowerment. She offers effective and transformative tools, guidance, and inspiration so you can reclaim your power and become the healer of your life. Through her down-to-earth approach, blending scientific and mystical elements created a bridge that connects ancient wisdom and technology to the needs and lifestyles of the 21st Century. 

This inspired wisdom culminated in over 35 years of metaphysical studies, including Universal Kabbalah, personal development, yoga, meditation, and chi gong. At ten years old, a near-death experience gave her a new awareness, which shaped an intuitive ability that became the foundation of her teachings and coaching. 

As a spiritual mentor of Personal Growth and Empowerment and as a Modern-Day Mystic Louise offers practical and transformative tools, guidance, and inspiration that are tuned in to your current needs and unique soul truth. 

Through supporting her students’ process of cleaning their mental and emotional “trash,” Louise creates healing plans that include actionable inspiration that is relevant for you RIGHT NOW. She allows you to let go of struggles, frustrations, pain, and suffering, releasing those stories from the past and akashic records that are holding you back.

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Louise Lavergne

To energize the glandular system and the organs of the body to restore a healthy energy flow, improving brain function, Louise founded JoyFull Yoga, a unique blend of poses, breath work, sequencing, movement meditations, chi gong and Naad (sound) yoga. These elements work together awakening the joy within. Mostly, JoyFull Yoga™ is a fun and accessible way to engage with the body, mind and spirit. It results in a deep sense of presence and well-being, inside and out. To learn more go to www.JoyFul-Yoga.com


Louise is also the CEO of Foundation 4 Your LIFE; an online wellness mentoring platform that offers tools to manage and reduce stress, to overcome fears, blocks, and self-limitations so you can improve your spiritual and emotional well-being, through a range of memberships, online classes, and mentoring programs. 

Her book Do Do Rescue: From Overwhelmed to Thriving, presents a holistic approach to de-stress the body, restore the energy, and create more balance so you can show up for your life. 


Louise lives in Southern Oregon and enjoys spending time with her family, including her two cats, Max and k.d. (named after one of her favorite artists, k.d. lang), and her dog Milo. She loves traveling and creating new programs. She is working on her upcoming journals and her next book, The Missing Peace.

I am eternally grateful to all my guides and teachers for helping me attain tools that I now humbly share with those who feel called to me as a teacher and guide.

Are you daydreaming of "someday" having the time and energy to take better care of yourself and do more of what you love? Imagine finally getting a handle on your life, feeling more balanced and less overwhelmed, anxious, and worried.

I'm here to help you start living your dream today. My name is Louise, and my passion is to empower you with tools and sustainable strategies that will meet your unique needs, from where you are right now, within the reality of your busy life.

Expect warmth, humor, and profound transformation when you work with Louise.

She has the gift to fan a little spark into a blazing flame.


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Inspiring Speaker

Louise is a modern-day mystic, author, spiritual mentor, and inspiring speaker.


As there are several empowering topics with rich content that Louise shares with audiences through a mix of creative ideas and deep, transformative expertise, she merges humor, energy, and enthusiasm to empower, motivate, and encourage any audience. 


If you are interested in learning more about how Louise would be an inspiration for your audience, please reach out to us today.

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"Louise has brought so much clarity to my life in so many ways. She has helped me to bring healing space into a sad inner place. The tools like meditation bring me into a space to reclaim my self- worth moment by moment and not to judge where I’m at. It has helped me tremendously to have her guidance! I encourage anyone to consider her a valuable resource."

— Client

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"Working with Louise deepened my whole journey. I was so profoundly tired on a soul level, desperately wanting to release the emotional baggage that kept me tied to old hurts and unhappiness. Working with her one-on-one gave me so many tools to help me do my inner work. Louise has this amazing ability to see right where the struggle is and help you move through it."   

— Client