Phases of the moon

YEAR (between -4000 and +2500):

MONTHS (in numbers)


The dates of the phases of the Moon are given with an accuracy of a few minutes. They are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
Day of the month Age of the Moon


New Moon


first piece of the moon that appears

Useful for:

personal growth, healing, new projects, new beginnings, to cleanse and purify our objects and magical tools.

To stay slim and toned favorable time to perform a day of fasting. Rest period “curative” to leave for the different treatments.


Waxing Moon


period between the new moon and full moon.

Useful for:

attract, abundance, provide, promote, positivism, love The waxing moon thus promotes growth … this is particularly visible on the plants … but also on hair and nails .

We invigorates the body and major organ functions. Good time for remedies against fatigue and cures for toning the liver and pancreas. In terms of human activities, the crescent moon is favorable to intellectual activities, relationships not involving duration, which is fast and causes short-term effects.


Full Moon

the moon is completely full

Useful for: 
protection, divination, contacting various entities.

To stay slim and toned: favorable time to perform a day of fasting. The hormone melatonin, secreted would be around 2 am, the night of a full moon. Melatonin is a hormone that stress and its production, more or less abundant in different individuals, and finally explain why sleep disorders are so common when the moon is full.


Waning Moon

period between the full moon and new moon.

Useful for: 
to drive out evil influences, bad habits, negative influences.

It drains and detoxifies the body. Period conducive to the elimination of toxins through the kidneys. Remedies to eliminate uric acid, urea. Remedies for blood circulation. Period to try to eliminate negative influences, break bad habits, lose weight. In terms of human activities waning moon is more favorable to physical activities, relationships involving duration, which is long term.


Black Moon

3 nights before the new moon. The moon is not visible.

Useful for: 
we do not practice magic during this period, it is used to reflect on oneself.

Every full moon of the month has its own name and has its own qualities.
Since Wicca is rooted in several traditions, there are several different names assigned to full moons.

Wolf Moon (January)

Also known as the Cold Moon, Snow Moon and Winter Moon, Moon of the Wolf brings protection and strength. Because it is the moon of the winter mid-season, it is also associated with death and destruction. It is useful for the beginnings and conclusions. This is the best time to plan its plantations and plans for spring. Magic completed under this Moon can see grow its goals as qu’approchera spring.

Moon Storm (February)

Also known as the Moon of Death and Life-Giving Moon, Moon Storm brings fertility and strength. It is useful to face the challenges of life. You could use a charm or sortillège that will help for a particular project at work. This spell will help you to accept the challenge, to persevere and bring it to fruition. It is also useful for the renewal of the interior and exterior. This is the perfect time to get rid of the physical things that you are most needed, and any mental or emotional baggage became overloaded.

Chaste Moon (March)

Also known as the Moon Seed and Worm Moon, Chaste Moon brings success and hope. It is ideal for new and purism. This is a good time to bless his magical herbs and plants and to prepare the ground so that it receives the seeds we want to plant in the spring. It is also useful to mentally prepare for new experiences, a new job for a pregnancy, or a trip to the arrival of a new pet into your home.

Moon Seed (April)

Also known as the Egg Moon, Grass Moon and Moon of Winds, Moon Seed signals the right time for fertility, growth and wisdom. If you plan to plant a garden with magical herbs, it’s time to prepare the soil to receive the seed. It is also time to take action. If you want a child, it’s time for a pregnancy, since fertility is very strong. This is also the time to welcome your new pet if it was planned. The Moon is ideal to bless your seed, to help them germinate, and to enable them to perform magic on Earth.

Moon Hare (May)

Also known as the Moon or Moon Flower Plantations, the Moon Hare promotes health, love, romance and wisdom. This is the ideal time to plant your seeds blessed. When they germinate, the energy you have put will manifest in your life. It’s time to rekindle the flame and passion in your personal relationship. If you have performed a magic act for your career, it’s time to decide which offer to accept.

The Moon Lovers (June)

Also known as the Moon Raspberry and Rose Moon, Moon Lovers brings the energy of love, marriage and success. It’s not for nothing that in some traditions, the Moon is named Honeymoon … It’s time to take care of her garden and be dazzled by its beauty and abundance. If you have changed jobs, it’s time to make sure everything goes smoothly, but also keep your eyes open for a promotion.

Moon Meadows (July)

Also known as the Mead Moon, Moon Blessings, Lucky Moon, Moon and Thunder Moon Thunderbolts, Moon Meadows brings enchantment, health, renewal, success and strength. It provides the first harvest, the first results of the fruit of your labors. This is the perfect time for celebration and for the accomplishment of a magic act. It’s time to pick your magical herbs and make a little magic for prosperity to get the increase you’d deserved.

Moon Herbs (August)

Also known as the Moon Wort, Barley Moon, Moon Corn Moon and Red Moon Herbs supports abundance, agriculture and marriage. This is the perfect time to harvest your magical herbs, store them for the winter or share them with others. Do not forget to give some to the goddess in thanks for his generosity. This time of year is ripe for a magic act with the aim of helping others to benefit from the abundance of the earth. It’s also a good time to accept a new load at work. If you are pregnant, it’s time to devote your energies on a healthy pregnancy and smooth.

Harvest Moon (September)

Also known as the Moon Barley Moon and Hunter’s Moon Harvest brings protection, prosperity and abundance. This is the time of year when the seeds are harvested and this is a perfect time for a magic act that will influence your own prosperity and love of others. If you were sick, it’s time to cover your full health. It is also the perfect time to get a better paying job at work. The energy of the Harvest Full Moon will help you in any magic act for abundance, for you or for others.

The Blood Moon (October)

Also known as the Moon Falling Leaves and Moon Hunter. It’s the new moon goals, protection, resolution and spirituality. Night of the Blood Moon is perfect for divinations of all kinds. This is the time to reflect on what you have accomplished during the year and evaluate your achievements. Make sure you have enough money in the bank for a rainy day, check what is important for your safety and well-being (the tires on your car, the smoke detector in the house …). The Moon is appropriate to release the stress and negative energy that surrounds you.

Snow Moon (November)

Also called the Beaver Moon, Mourning Moon and Moon Trees. This is the Moon of abundance, prosperity and family and friendship ties. This is an excellent time to use divination tools to predict what is coming. Try to reduce your stress and renforcir your ties with your family and friends. Contemplate your chance.

Moon Oak (December)

Also known as the Cold Moon and Moon of Long Nights, Moon Oak helps promote hope and healing. At this time of the year, the Moon rules the Earth because there are more hours in the day to the night. Those who are pregnant since the spring are ready to give birth and will probably want to influence the energy so as to promote a healthy child. This is the time to complete this for what you have worked so hard, and to ensure that all details are completed. It’s also a good time to let old habits and old problems and start over again. Leave the negative behind and anticipate the light of longer days to come. Working with children is the most rewarding and help healing.

Blue Moon

A blue moon is defined as the second full moon in a calendar month. Since the lunar cycle lasts 29 days and some ½ months have 31 days, it is possible to see two full moons in the same month. It does not happen very often, maybe once every 2 1/2 years. The English expression “Once in a blue moon” which means “rarely”, takes its meaning. In 1999 two blue moons appeared (January 31 and March 31), a way for nature to host the Millenium?