Changing the Energy Around Us

This month is a big month of energetic and astrological transitions. Many of us have been feeling the stress and internal heightened anxiety. It's important during times of turmoil, angst and skyrocketing stress that we remember we always have the opportunity to be part of the solution by changing the energy around us.

World Peace truly starts with Inner Peace, and taking time to meditate together is a powerful way for us to be part of the peaceful solution.

To help us do that, I have created a special meditation we can all do together from the safety of home any time you want. I am giving it to you as a gift from my heart to yours. The Healing Mantra is used to create peace and healing in your body by:

Saying it out loud to activate healing in the Body,

Then whisper to bring healing in your heart and

Then we do the mantra silently projecting peace and light to ALL.

Using the sounds of

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say Sa Hung:

Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinity- I am part of the infinite possibilities for healing within all that I Am and all that IS.

These sounds create a prayer for healing within you and project peace and healing intentions to ease the turmoil in the US, the world, and to ALL that IS.

The world needs your light, and your contribution to world peace is such a gift to us ALL.

I am grateful for the gift you.

Peace to your heart and ALL



Committing to Inner Peace for World Peace

If you would like to commit the full meditation for 7 days to project peace and healing in our body and to the world you can sign up HERE for free! Your investment is less than 15 minutes a day to do the practice, and the benefits ripple far out into the world around you.

Please include www.Louiselavergne.comCopyright 2020 when you share this. Thank you

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