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Yoga on the Go webinar series & E-book

YOGA on the GO™ is designed to help you in your daily life with powerful, quick and easy techniques and strategies for immediate stress relief.

  •  Reduce stress!

  •  Restore your sense of well-being anytime- anywhere.

  •  Discover ways to energize yourself on the spot.

  •   Be more productive.

  •  Learn how to calm your mind to allay anxiety and fear in less time than a coffee break.

  •  Acquire tools to enhance your health & quality of life.

    In her 3-part webinar, Louise addresses lifestyles as well as space/time constraints and shows you how to set realistic goals and integrate simple and powerful “on-the-spot” Yoga practices into your daily routine.

    This program will inspire you to bring more joy and peace into your daily life and our world.

    This program includes Louise's

Yoga on the Go E-book 2nd edition


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