Working with Louise

Empower yourself to become the healer of your LIFE.

Seeking a different path, searching for deeper meaning can be overwhelming.
Sometimes even lonely.
But you know a truth is vibrating deep within.
You just don't know how to access it.
How can you live within your current reality while gently and consciously shifting into a new one? 

Warmth, openness, and compassion are what Louise brings to the conversation.
It's like connecting with an old friend who only has your best interest at heart.
You'll feel safe and nurtured.
With no judgement she meets you where you are. 
Louise sees where you're out of alignment with your soul purpose.

Considered a modern-day mystic, Louise is deeply connected to the unseen world.
Using this clairvoyant gift she'll help you dissolve old beliefs.
Shed self limiting stories.
Erase old patterns that keep you stuck. 
They are holding you hostage in a 'lack' outlook.
Louise guides you to live in abundance. 
You’ll be equipped with strategies and tools to guide you toward a more joy-full life.

Lost? Overwhelmed? Disconnected? Defeated? This is when real transformation takes place. Shed old paradigms and self-limiting beliefs. In essence, shed the old you.

You are ready.
Or you wouldn’t be here.
You are searching for something.
Louise can be the catalyst igniting a beautiful truth in your life. 

Private Session

Private sessions are a powerful time when transformation and great energy shifts take place. Often clients say they feel brighter and lighter, more powerful. They feel like "themselves" again. They feel "back" in their bodies. Connected to something bigger.  

Here's your chance to share what’s on your heart and be open to the journey. With one-on-one support from Louise, you will feel supported and loved on your journey.

A private session will help you:

* Gain insights
* Overcome fears, self-limiting blocks & patterns
* Release what's no longer serving you
* Deepen your ability to be present
* Develop a successful daily practice
* Learn strategies to manage & reduce stress
* Flow with ease and joy in your life 

start your journey now

Start your journey of self-discovery

and move into a more harmonious life

Private Session


1 private session
(1 hour)

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1-month coaching


2 private sessions
(1 hour each)

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3-month coaching


6 private sessions
(1 hour each)

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SPARK monthly membership

A monthly membership program designed to support your daily spiritual journey.

The Spark Monthly Membership - COMING in January 2019
Membership meets you where you are. 
Receive the tools you need to honor yourself.
Find an instant support system filled with love and light.
Every month this program will ground you, anchoring in light. Reminding you to get out of your own way. Encouraging you to allow love in. It's an easy way to get a monthly dose of inspiration and motivation, from someone who feels like a friend.

$25 a month is all it takes
* minimum 3 month commitment

No matter where you are now, you’re ready. 


A monthly membership for those needing guidance, support and love on their spiritual journey.

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Free Meditation

Guided meditation are a powerful time when transformation and great shifts can take place.

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Online Courses

Discover courses and programs created to guide you from where you are... to where you want to go. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We all need support. We all need someone standing in our success. We all need someone who can assist us in seeing what we can’t see and breaking through the barriers we have been unable to overcome.

This is the spirit of our private sessions.

Each session is approximately 1 hour.

When you book with me, you have an hour. You are free to divide that time according to what suits your needs. For example, if you book 3 sessions, you can break that down into 6, 1/2-hour sessions if that's better for you.

If you have signed up for any of my one-on-one sessions, you have the option of purchasing additional sessions, at a discounted price.

Connect with me and ask me more.

Due to the high volume of requests I get for private coaching, I offer telephone sessions. No in-person meetings are available at this time.

Louise Lavergne is the creator and CEO of Joy-Full Yoga Wellness Centre, located in Jacksonville, Oregon.


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