About Louise

Louise is a spiritual teacher of Personal Growth and Empowerment. As a JoyFull Living Coach she offers effective and transformative tools, guidance and inspiration to assist you in releasing the attachment to struggle, pain and suffering by getting to the root of your challenges. Through her down-to-earth approach, she blends scientific and mystical elements to create a bridge that connects ancient wisdom and technology to the needs and lifestyles of the 21st Century. She empowers and inspires you to partner with yourself for success with personal and health goals, offering tools and strategies to live your best life NOW! Louise also uses her clairvoyance as a bridge—helping individuals through grief, to heal from the loss of a loved one, as well as to resolve personal conflict on emotional and spiritual levels.

Her inspired wisdom is the culmination of over 35 years of experience in metaphysical studies including Universal Kabbalah, personal development, yoga, meditation and chi gong. At ten years old, a near death experience gave her a new awareness, which shaped an intuitive ability that became the foundation of her teachings and coaching. Expect warmth, humor and profound transformation when you work with her. She has the gift to fan a little spark into a blazing flame.

Louise is the owner and director of the JoyFull Yoga™ studio in Jacksonville, Oregon, where she offers classes and a Teacher Training Mentor Program. She is the creator of JoyFull Yoga, a unique blend of poses, breath work, sequencing, movement meditations, chi gong and Naad (sound) yoga. These elements work together to energize the glandular system and the organs of the body to restore a healthy energy flow and improve brain function. JoyFull Yoga™ is about awakening the joy within. It is accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. It offers tools that enable students to connect with and embrace more deeply who they really are, to awaken the passion of their soul and life purpose. Mostly, JoyFull Yoga™ is a fun and accessible way to engage with the body, mind and spirit. It results in a deep sense of presence and well-being, inside and out. She is eternally grateful to all her guides and teachers for helping her attain tools that she humbly shares now with those who feel called to her as a teacher and guide.