When you're pushing yourself to the limit, trying to keep up, it's easy to fall into the burnout trap.
That's when we can get caught up in what I call "Do-Do" syndrome..which is toxic productivity.
We forget about our own well-being.
Before you know it, you've been working nonstop for days. You feel like you can't take a break now, telling yourself that you'll catch up later when you have more time...
But then you forget or you're too tired to care.
Sooner or later, your body screams "enough!"...
You've crashed and burned,... again! 

Are you ready to achieve and sustain your success without compromising your well-being? 

With the Destiny Blueprint's Self-Kindness System you can avoid the burnout trap. 

  • Upgrade your quality of life and¬†navigate each¬†day with more energy and clarity.
  • Experience navigating your life at a productive pace of grace even on your busiest days!¬†
  • Imagine starting and ending each day feeling inspired,¬†energized, living your purpose, and reaching your goals with more ease and joy!¬†
  • Become a kinder,¬†more effective C.E.O. (Conscious Empowered Owner) of your life and business by investing a minimum of 5 minutes a day.
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Life at warp speed is exhausting.

Deep down you know that there is more to life than keeping up. 
That's why ignoring your self-care can activate your inner bully or negative self-talk.
The "shoulds' weigh heavy in your heart and guilt festers.
Are you ready to stop struggling with self-care?
Join me to experience the transformative healing power of self-kindness.

Improve your energy and productivity

by investing 5 minutes a day in yourself

strategically integrated within the reality of each day!

This is for you if:

  • You have ever struggled with consistency, discipline, and/or having enough time or energy for yourself when the demands of your business and life take over.
  • You want to navigate your success at a sustainable productive pace of grace.
  • You don’t need to be convinced that your inner well-being is a crucial part of sustainable success.
  • You want to be a more effective C.E.O. (Conscious Empowered Owner) of your business and life. 
  •  You’re ready to invest a minimum of 5 minutes a day to practice impactful solutions and strategies that make a noticeable difference in how you feel each day.
  •  You want to start and end each day feeling inspired and in control of your life to bring more joy into your day-to-day.
  •  You are ready to release feelings of guilt and shame, and the “shoulds” around self-care.
  •  You want to live in a kinder world.
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Self-kindness is self-love in action.
It will free you from the shame, guilt, and resentment stories you have around self-care.
It will set you up for success with your intentions and
help you maintain a positive vibe throughout your day!

Be Supported as You Activate Your super power of Self-Kindness!


Lifetime Access

This 90-minute interactive workshop includes:

  • Becoming a kinder and more vibrant C.E.O.(Conscious Empowered Owner) of your life and business
  • How to optimize your energy within the 5 components of your Life-Force Battery: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.
  • We'll identify energy drains that you may not be aware of and learn how to fix them.
  • "The Power of Your Hands for Self-Healing."
  • "Integrating and Sustaining the Self-Kindness System into Your Reality" - Strategies for scheduling your daily self-kindness anchors within the reality of your current needs and lifestyle.
  • Q & A session scheduled after the workshop to support your success with your self-kindness system.
  • BONUS: 4 Week Access to Spark Light Portal to ensure success with your daily self-kindness practice.


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Live with Love, Inspiration, Freedom and Empowerment.  

Expereince the Joy of Being who you were born to BE