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When your mind and heart come into harmony, you can feel the ease of BEING your True~Self.

You can feel the awe of the sun rising in your heart. 

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Are you feeling like your mind and spirit are in a tug-of-war?

When your body and mind are in harmony with your spiritual nature you can access the power of BEING your authentic-self.

By healing your relationship to yourself you can reconnect with the joy and ease of BEING yourself.


By healing your relationship to yourself you can reconnect with the joy and ease of BEING yourself. 

Reclaim yourself ~ reclaim your power!

"Why does this keep happening to me?" 

Whether you're aware or not, you are stuck in old patterns, beliefs and stories. Because of that, you keep creating the same outcome. Your limiting beliefs taint your reality and affect your ability to manifest what it is you really, truly desire. 

You are your most precious asset and you deserve the support you need to create your life by design and not by default. 

Are you ready to expand your reality beyond limitations? As a truth seeker you know there's more to this life than the endless struggle. 

Reclaim the power of your mind and the courage of your soul.

You have tremendous power within you. When you participate with the healing opportunities and stop engaging with the drama of your life, you get to exercise that power and consciously design what it is you want on a deep, soul level. You  are here to experience love. And joy. And happiness. It's your birthright. And deep down, you know that's true. 

Stop trying to be someone you aren't. Stop projecting an identity. Just be you. Find that gentle place where you can live from your truth. Align with who you really are. 

I'm here to help you meet yourself with compassion and discover your deepest soul truth.
It's time for you to reclaim the gift of YOU.
I will guide you on your journey to your authentic self. 

How Are You Feeling?

Longing to create a balanced, joy-full, fulfilling life?

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, out of balance, numb?
Feeling like there is never enough time, money or energy?
Louise will inspire you and show you your own unique map to find your way back to your truth and your JOY of Being YOU.

When you learn how to stop the tug of war of your mind & spirit,  you can feel the peace in your heart, harmony in your body. You can access your gift of choice.

When you feel stressed out and overwhelmed you forget that you have a choice. 


Each choice is like a magic wand that creates your reality.... 

If you’re constantly overloaded with doing and doing, you’ve fallen into “Do-Do Mode.” Do you believe that you have to wait until you're less busy to live a balanced life?  ... You don’t! 

Author and Wellness Coach Louise Lavergne invites you to invest time in your most precious resource: YOU. 

Do-Do Rescue: From Overwhelmed to Thriving; The Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-Be Remedy for you to feel Balanced in a Crazy-Busy-World is filled with reliable, actionable solutions to help you restore your well-being while keeping up with modern-day demands. You don’t have to choose between success and happiness. There is a viable and sustainable way for you to feel good and have it all: a busy, prosperous, healthy life that gives you more JOY.

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Claim the driver's seat of your life.

Is your Fear of the unknown blocking the view of your Future?
Fear is a part of LIFE but it doesn't need to be the driver

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Imagine deepening your relationship with yourself and living in harmony with your life’s purpose.
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Get tools to manage and reduce stress so you can overcome fears and self-limitations.
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Improve your spiritual and emotional well-being and truly become aligned with your soul's calling.

Live with love, inspiration, freedom and empowerment.  

Empower yourself to become the healer of your LIFE.

Seeking a different path, searching for deeper meaning can be overwhelming.

Sometimes even lonely.

You know a truth is vibrating deep within. 

You just don't know how to access it. 

How can you live within your current reality while gently and consciously shifting into a new one?

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Warmth, openness, and compassion are what Louise brings to the conversation. She has the ability to tune in to your soul's deepest desire. Her words and her voice vibrate divine truth that touches your heart. You'll  feel safe, nurtured and heard.  With no judgement she meets you where you are.  

Louise sees where you're out of alignment with your soul purpose and gives you tangible tools to find your way to a more balanced and inspired LIFE.


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