Do you find it hard to

prioritize time for YOU?
Do you push to keep up with the demands of your clients, business and everyone around you, ending your day feeling exhausted, with no energy or time for rejuvenation?

Do you wait for your body to break down to catch a break?


You can reclaim balance within the demands of your crazy-busy world.



Imagine going through your day at a Productive Pace of Grace.

Easily starting & ending your day feeling fully charged and inspired.

 Truly BEING the CEO of a 

Business you love &

en-joying your LIFE by Design.

Louise Lavergne
You can't move into your new story if you are stuck re-living your old ones.


Disappointments and failed attempts to get results can cause you to doubt yourself or give up and settle for less than what you really want. But in your heart, you know that there's more to LIFE than keeping up. 

As you begin to experience BEING your true self, you will feel the  JOY and EASE of BEING truly happy and fulfilled.

Isn't that what you really want?

Let's get started.


Using her clairvoyant gift, Louise blends scientific and mystical elements to create a bridge that connects ancient wisdom and technology to empower you to actualize your goals and dreams.

She empowers you to be the healer of every area of your life.


Louise will customize an actionable plan for you so you can clear out your emotional and mental "trash," and overcome the blocks that keep getting in your way from realizing your dreams and goals.


Louise empowers you with tangible tools designed to further your unique Soul evolution- starting from where you are. She will give you a map to find your way back to your truth and your JOY of Being YOU.

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Give yourself a moment to


Discover how you can melt away stress and reset yourself to CALM in 3 minutes or less with a BE Break.

What if you had the clarity to know that reaching your goals was not only possible but inevitable?


Do you have a list of problems you want to fix in your life? Relationship? Health? Your Business?

Or maybe you want to deepen

your spiritual connection?


What is the common denominator

of everything on your list? 


The common denominator for solutions is also YOU.

I help you to rebuild the foundation of your CORE BEING to get sustainable results with your Business & your LIFE goals.
When you stop trying to fix the problems from the outside and get to the core of what is keeping you stuck and playing small, you will know that solutions are not only possible but inevitable.
Image by Jeremy Thomas
Louise Lavergne

You have everything you need within you,

but it's impossible to access your inner wisdom

when you are stuck in the frustration of your reality.


The discord between your spiritual and physical needs creates an exhausting internal struggle. You escape into a moment of self-care, maybe a meditation, you feel great for a moment only to crash back into your real-world problems.
Your spiritual and physical needs are both integral parts of your true well-being.  The myth that one is more important than the other. keeps you in a state of imbalance. When you bring them into harmony, you become a diamond and you can feel your radiance and access your inner genius and activate your inner magnet to attract opportunities for your to achieve, prosper and thrive in all areas of your life with more ease and grace. From there you can BE the change that you want to see in your life.
Magic happens when your Intellect is in harmony with your intuition.


Louise will empower you to partner your authentic self

and activate your inner game to achieve, prosper and thrive so you can shine and share your gifts with your perfect clients with ease and grace.

Image by Shannon McLaughlin

"To have balance in your life you need to

start by creating balance in your body.

By creating a loving and healing relationship

within your mind, your body, and your spirit;

 you can access the joy and ease of BEING you."

Louise Lavergne

Create the Foundation for Your LIFE

To Live with:

Love, Inspiration, Fulfillment, and Empowerment. 


Clear out your emotional and mental "trash," to release and heal the stories from the past that are blocking you from feeling truly happy and fulfilled. When you release what is not in alignment with who you truly are, you can embody and embrace the JOY of BEING YOU NOW. 


On your healing journey of self-discovery, you will be supported to look deeper

and unveil the truth within you and learn to meet yourself 

with kindness and compassion to discover your authentic power.

You will have tangible tools to activate the courage of your Soul, and the grace of your heart to live with purpose and joy.  


Louise will help you identify and address your specific needs

at this time on your journey. Using her intuitive gift,

she tunes into Divine wisdom to guide you with clarity so that you can go from hoping to believing and knowing that you can manifest

your soul purpose with ease and joy.

From her diverse training in metaphysical and scientific approaches to wellness,

she offers tangible supportive tools to live a more joy-full life.


Join the Spark Community to Ignite Your Passion 

for Your Self-Care


Do you feel like fear is driving your life by default towards what

you don't want?

​Get clear and start creating your

LIFE by design.


Experience the life-changing power of receiving in-depth support.

Image by Steve Halama

"This is by far the best and most effective thing I have ever done for myself. My life is not just better, I am dealing with everything in my life from an empowered place. The Bi-monthly coaching classes are always right on for what I need to hear in the moment. Even 3 years later, Louise continues to amaze me. I always feel like she is talking just to me. Her support in my moments of struggle always gives me the guidance I need at the time."

— Client

Image by Steve Halama

"The course has been life-altering, enhancing the quality of my existence from now on. You have been inspired to put remarkable energy, knowledge, and spirit into this course. What a gift. Thank you!…. I feel that I have a framework and the tools for letting go of the old stories and moving into the nourishing light of now, forgiving and releasing (How helpful your many repetitions of this message have been!). I'm able to catch myself before sinking into the destructive pit of recall. And breathing into angst has become almost automatic, a blessed relief."

— Client