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The Difference Between Humility

& Humiliation is Judgement.

Let go of Perfection and Accept who you are

as Humility is the Doorway to HEALING.

Image by Steve Halama

“Louise inspires me to want more for myself. She gave me the skills to get unstuck so that I could move forward. She helped to release and forgive the past and learn to love me unconditionally.”

— Client

Image by Steve Halama

“Louise’s ability to guide with mantras and wisdom makes the experience so powerful. She holds the vibration with such confidence and experience. She seems to do it as only a master is capable of with true grace and beauty.”

— Client

More Kind Words

From Louise's Clients

“When I started JoyFull yoga classes with Louise, I thought it was just for my physical health. I have no idea how deep into my self-healing journey her classes would take me.”


“Louise’s classes have forever changed my life for the better. She has taught me to listen to all aspects of my life and to nurture every part of my body and soul. She has taught me how important it is to consider all aspects of myself.”

“Working with Louise one on one changed my life for the better.”

“Louise’s unconditional support and compassion helped me to stop being so hard on myself and opened me to meet myself as I am, with a lot of compassion, love and forgiveness.


“Louise’s classes have forever changed my life for the better. She taught me to listen to my inner voice and nurture every part of my body and soul. She taught me that it is not selfish to take care of myself, that it is a gift to me and everyone.”

“The energy that Louise brings through her teaching touches the heart and fuels the soul.”


“Louise has guided me to my true heart and helped me to reach inside of myself to find hidden pain and fear that I did not know how to find myself. She helped me release the things that were holding me back and tap into my inner strength & peace.”

“The meditation series has been a blessing. It is much more powerful for me when meditation is connected by the bonding of a group, and these virtual group meditation series have provided me a place to feel the connection more deeply.”

“During the online Chakra Class, I could feel a deeper connection within myself; that’s when I started to really get into the process and stopped being a passenger in my own self-healing process."

“I was drawn to Louise’s energy, enthusiasm and ability to see, with more clarity than I, what I was struggling with.”


“Sometimes my sessions with Louise were so profound, but more often they were profoundly helpful.”


“Working with Louise led me to a release of many old stories and tightly guarded tensions that were the instigators of much unhappiness. I learned to remind myself to be present and use one of her many tools to relax and let it happen. My life is gentler and more loving now.”


Just over a year ago, I started on an improbable journey. Recently retired and with time on my hands, I threw darts into my future. A class here, a seminar there and some volunteer work thrown in for good measure. I would see what stuck. Fortuitously I met Louise at that time and decided to add her online class into the mix, certain it would not be what stuck, but what the heck? I had met Louise and was immediately drawn in by her energy and enthusiasm and, truthfully, by her ability to see and help me identify what I was struggling with, and she gave me such profound clarity.

What started as an impulsive attempt to find somewhat meaningful activities in this new phase of my life quickly turned into support for a healing journey of self-understanding and acceptance. I was not new to meditation, having practiced off and on for many years, but my experience with Louise was uniquely effective. Through her online classes and a series of private sessions, Louise gently guided me through resistance after resistance.

It is hard to describe the layers peeled back, but each one was the result of emotions and thought patterns that needed to be let go. Louise would say, “You need to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve your higher good,” or “You need to feel it to heal it,” and at first, I had only a superficial idea of what she was talking about. It made sense, but how? How do I know what they are and how do I let them go?

That, of course, is the beauty of working with Louise. She creates a wealth of powerful and accessible tools for us to use at the moment:  meditations, sound healing, yoga, movement, breath-work, self-care practices, to release energy held in the body and let go of repeating stories that keep them stuck in undesirable outcomes. She has an uncanny ability to know what is needed by her clients at the moment and gives them actionable tools to support their specific needs.

My experience was of group classes that were fun and allowed connection to others, and daily meditations that were always calming, sometimes tearful, sometimes joyful. I listened to Louise’s guidance on morning rituals and self-care rituals and pieced together my own. Sometimes my sessions with her were profound, but more often, they were profoundly helpful. Louise offers a series of courses throughout the year and I took them all. Each one helped me build on the work of those previous. Louise’s work led me to release many stories and tightly guarded tensions that were the instigators of much unhappiness. I learned to remind myself to be present and use one of her many tools to relax and let it happen. My life is gentler now and more loving now.


I still have so much to learn, but it is clear to me where I should look for guidance as I continue this work.

I am ever so grateful I met Louise."

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