What are You Choosing?

Feb 21, 2022

"Your life will become what you choose to give your energy to."

~ Louise Lavergne


If you've been experiencing any frustration or resistance lately, you are not alone. But, I have some good news for you.

First, I want to remind you that you always have the choice to align with the problem or with the solution. Resistance is our default response to change. It is often an indication that you are on the verge of a transformational breakthrough.



When we get stuck in the story's drama, we get caught up in the undertow of negativity and lose sight of the Light at the end of the tunnel. It's easy to go into default and let stress, fear, or overwhelm lead us into victim mode, where we forget our gift of choice. "Why is this happening to me?" From that perspective, it becomes almost impossible for us to see the door of opportunity the Universe is trying to show us.



Change the question to "Why is this showing up FOR me?" "What is the healing opportunity for me here?" Being curious instead of judgemental helps you to reclaim your gift of choice. It's the off-ramp from the disempowering path of frustration and overwhelm. Here is a hint for your answer: frustration, fear, and self-doubt usually show up to make you aware that something is out of alignment with the integrity of your true self and soul purpose.

 Here is the other good news. This week, we have a new moon, which brings you an open door to walk into new possibilities. The current wave of energy urges us to make choices aligned with what is supportive so that we can shift into more abundance and joy and let go of outdated limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in the illusion of limitation. Perfect time for a "do-over."

You have a choice right now to allow some new and fresh energy into your life so that you experience what you truly desire.


Taking daily actions that support your intention(s) will create more of what you do want. Are you ready to experience more abundance, love, and joy in your life?


First, you need to create the inner space to get clear to set your aligned intention on the new moon. Then you must take action to support your choice.


My Inspired New Moon meditations give you the tools to align your body, mind, and spirit with the current healing opportunities for you to partner with the universal creative flow. Each month, the new moon meditation gives you a way to meet yourself and reset your inner magnet for success and health. My mentoring clients and Spark members have access to daily Sparks of inspiration that included short daily practice segments, including a daily meditation practice so they can easily take daily actions to reset and activate the inner magnet towards the solution. (See below for how you can too.)


The new moon gives us the green light for new beginnings. This week it's in the sign of Cancer and encourages us to pay close attention to our relationships, self-love, and self-care and get the support we need to not get stuck in frustration or limitation. Instead, make space to meet what is coming up in your life with compassion and curiosity, not judgment!


By choosing to show up for yourself to receive, you can rebuild a strong relationship with your higher self and receive the gift of your breakthrough to be in the flow and joy of your authentic self.


Remember, life is unfolding FOR you.


This New Moon energy is a powerful time to manifest and begin anew, but you must make the space to reset to calm so that you can receive the fruit of your inner work. Therefore, I am inviting you to receive and join my Master group and Spark members in the upcoming Inspired New Moon Meditation.


I would love to support you in releasing the resistance, clearing frustration and self-doubt. Let's focus on calling in more joy and abundance for you to feel fully aligned with the integrity of your true self. Please see below your choices of support offerings. I look forward to sharing the new prosperity mantra meditation and a profoundly healing and restorative sound healing session with you!

Sending Love and Light to you and to ALL.



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