How to Align with August's Energy & Healing Opportunities

Jul 26, 2022

I'm excited to share an excerpt from my monthly Spark Life Journey Inspiration video, where I share how you can align with August's upcoming energy and make the most of the current healing opportunities.

Intention for August: 

We have the new moon on July 28, which marks our doorway into the August healing opportunities. The New Moon is when we review and set our intentions; there's a massive potential for expansion for us right now. And as we move into this Leo energy, it's about shining your true self. It's about playing, and it's about connecting to joy. What is your path to joy? What brings you joy? And how can you be an expression of light and fun? The first thing we are invited to look at right now is our confidence. Do you remember the last time that you felt in your power? When was the last time you felt confident? How did it make you feel?

We are being encouraged to let go of doubt and judgments so we can show up more confidently in our life, which means having the courage not to let fear get in the driver's seat? 

So how do we get in touch with our confidence? One of the main ingredients of confidence is trust. Do you trust yourself to be there for you? Do you trust others to be there for you or to accept you? Do you trust the Universe?

 And also essential for us to build our confidence is a nonjudgmental view of ourselves so that we can meet our authentic selves with unconditional love. 

To get to that place of unconditional love, we must tap into compassion. And to tap into compassion, we have to permit ourselves to accept who we are. "I'm not perfect, but I am here showing up; I'm here for you." When you say that to yourself, you're committing yourself. As a result, you build both self-trust and unconditional love.

The next BIG stepping stone that will support self-trust, self-love, and the key to building our confidence is discipline. There's no way around discipline. Discipline is a gift that you give yourself. 

So if you have let yourself go in any area of your wellness and self-care or let yourself down in any way, this is the time to do some inner repair.

Reflect on your current self-care. List what you are doing and what you would like to implement. 

How are you doing with practicing self-love in your day-to-day? 

What about your soul care? 

Are you making time for YOU? 

The Universe is calling out to remind you that when you make the space and take the time to show up for yourself, you can build self-trust and strengthen your ability for unconditional love. And that process in the Spark meditations is about helping us heal our relationship and trust with ourselves and the Divine. But, ultimately, it's about aligning with our true divine self. 

We need to choose to make our body and soul care important enough to show up to receive and allow the supportive energy to flow through us. 

When we are stuck in victim mode, we feel everything's happening to us. We resist and resent our reality; our energy is dark and low; we feel discouraged and stuck in the problem. Life is tough to navigate. But when we take the time to literally lighten up and accept that things are happening for us, we start to take our power back. Then we can be curious instead of judgemental about what's showing up in our lives. And then, thanks to our discipline of showing up, we can allow ourselves to move into a healing space and gradually begin to let the supportive energy flow through us during our day. As a result, we build trust, feel confident, and don't get taken down by fear and self-judgments. And we also don't let other people's judgments define us. 

Each time we do our meditation, we ignite our inner radiance. Your radiance is when you have your body, heart, mind, spirit, and soul aligned and calibrated into this beautiful expression of you. This is one of the most significant steps. So we're going to be working on a grounding meditation this month so that the heart can open because we can't have an open heart when we're afraid and not in our power.

How do you activate your authentic power?

 If we're going to exercise our power of choice, we're going to stop trying to do better. We're going to stop hoping for things to be better. We're going to stop longing for things to be different. We're just going to choose. So if you have something that you want to shift, things that are challenging, you will decide to show up differently. So we activate a solid foundation for us to feel secure and confident in our authentic power to be the sovereign co-creator and create the world we want to live in. Our meditation practice helps us make that peaceful connection in our body, heart, mind, and spirit to be in our power and radiance. 

We are here during this time of transformation on our planet to witness the darkness coming to the surface so we can bring light to it. If you have things that stir that anger within you, that's a call for healing. When we get all caught up in the problem, when we get caught up in that anger or any energy that keeps us stuck,  then we have no power left to engage with the solution. You can disengage the body with negative energy by feeling and acknowledging it, but you don't engage with it. You heal it and release it by bringing the intention of light, peace, love, or whatever works for you to move your body, heart, and mind into a higher vibration. It's helpful to do something that makes you feel good, like dancing, singing or playing in your garden. Ask yourself- "what do I need to feel better now?"

Sometimes a cup of tea or glass of water is all you need. The critical point is to do it for you as an act of self-love and self-nurturing. When we feel good, we can attract more of what we DO want. When we're stuck in anger and frustration, we draw in more of what we DON'T want. So resistance is part of our healing journey. If it's hard for you to make time for yourself and to do a meditation or a self-care practice, meet the resistance, but don't engage with it. We tend to cater to the resistance and why we can't do something. I want to encourage you to work through that resistance, meet it with compassion, and be proactive with supportive actions. I was working with a client who was challenged with finding time for their morning meditation. And when we brought the challenges out into the open, I gave her clear and realistic strategies tailored to address her current circumstances and challenges. "I can totally do that!" she confidently expressed. She was inspired and committed; a month later, she was still on track. 

Discipline will support you in building the resilience and confidence to manifest your intentions. You will feel the radiance and joy of being your true self. That's how you become a source of joy and light in your life, in our world. 

So here is a recap of how to get started today:

When you feel the resistance to do something that you know is for your higher good, recognize it but don't engage with the resistance. Don't defend it or justify it. Instead, meet it with compassion and do it anyway.

When you catch yourself hoping for things to be different, make a list of actions that could move you towards the result you want- and do the one thing you can today.

Stop trying to do better. Instead, choose to move in the direction you want.

For example: " I'm hoping for things to get better." Ask yourself: " What can I do today to improve my physical well-being or surroundings? What can I do to move towards those goals?"

All you need is one small action to lift the anchor just a little bit off the ground to get unstuck and begin to move forward. 

Moving into the Healing opportunities of the coming month:

As we move towards the new moon this July 28 and into August, I want to invite you to review the previous intentions that you've had since the beginning of the year. Identify the ones that you would like to reignite and bring in now? 

What are the things that are working that you want to continue to nurture? And maybe bring it up to the next level? 

What are some of the things that need a re-do? 

Choose only things you can implement right now; for this month. You don't need to reach the results, but what can you do to move forward? Be kind and realistic. Remember that it's about creating that forward motion by lifting the anchor.

 Use the last few days of July to heal and clear the blocks that could keep you from moving into the amazing upcoming energy of expansion. How you experience this energy depends on your choices to align with the positive energy or stay anchored in the problems. If you stay stuck in resistance and don't want to move forward, it could be much more challenging for you. 

As we move into August, the cosmic energy is urging you to recommit to nurturing your discipline with self-love so you can have the courage to step into your life with confidence and radiance.

Here's how you can use a self-kindness BE break to deepen your awareness of what thoughts and actions you're engaging with throughout your day. 

  1. Put your left hand on your heart to feel into your heart.
  2. Put the other hand on your belly, and feel into your body. We're working on our foundation to feel grounded and safe so that we can open our heart center.
  3. From there, we can open the mind to partner with our intuition. 

In the video above, I show you how to practice this. It only takes a few moments for you to reset yourself into supportive energy.

I also highly recommend you take a look at your copy of my book "Do-Do Rescue" (available at Pico's in Jacksonville OR (includes finger massage ring), or it's currently on sale on Amazon HERE). See page 153. This is an excellent time to implement some of these morning rituals and practices into your day. 

 Also, take inventory of what you are doing to support your well-being. Make time to celebrate everything that's working for you right now. Acknowledge yourself with gratitude. Do something celebratory that will make you feel joy-full. 

If you're struggling and need support, reach out. Don't let yourself sit in a place of frustration. 

Let's move beyond resistance and frustration so that we can find our flow again by becoming the C.E.O. {conscious, empowered owner} of our life.

I'm grateful to share the journey with your as we co-create a new kinder world emerging at this time.

Whatever you choose, please be gentle with yourself.

Peace and Light to all.



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