Creating Your New Life in Our New World

Oct 27, 2021

We have some intense emotional issues coming up this week with the Full Moon and a lunar eclipse upon us. How do you feel as you continue to find your way into our new world?

It's easy to let fear take over. I find myself at times, falling into a defensive mode rather than a protective one. The defensive mode is fear-based and stressful; the other is motivated by love and is much more empowering. But fear dominates the media. It's all around us and fear is incredibly magnetic. It takes diligence and courage to pull yourself out of the drama. You do need to take in the information from the media so you can be informed and do what you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones, but it's important not to let fear be the driver of your actions. In the heat of the moment, it's not always easy to do, especially if you're stressed out and are neglecting your self-care.

You can begin by taking the time to check in with yourself and pay attention to how you are feeling. How are you meeting the feelings and the situations that are coming up for you right now? Your life experience and what motivates your actions are a result of the choices you are making each day and each moment by moment. It's all connected, how you feel also impacts your ability to make supportive choices and you are stressed out, you forget that you have a choice.

 I want to tell you a bit about the cosmic weather because it may help you meet yourself and others around you with more compassion. We all need more of that right now, don't you think? This is all part of our global process of creating and navigating our new world.

I mentioned that we have a full moon coming up this Friday and the days before and after are included in the energetic experience. A full-moon, in general, stirs the tide of emotions, and with an eclipse coming, the effect of the moon is magnified and this one (Friday 6/5) could feel like a tsunami, especially if you have a backlog of unresolved issues. This particular one brings your focus to your home, family, and intimate relationships. You will likely feel and experience the complexities of your relationships with others and to yourself more deeply at this time. This could be wonderful for your well-healed relationships. But it will attempt to bring some light into unresolved oppositions like work versus home, love versus hate, what I want to do versus what I can do, taking care of myself and taking care of others, what I feel and what I think, etc... Everything that is out of balance will be coming up so you can make the adjustments to create a balanced and joy-full life experience.

As things come up, they can create inner tension, and/or you might feel more external pressures, as emotions run high for most people. The internal tug-of-war and the conflicts and crises that arise as a result can be stressful and exhausting. The antidote is love. And self-care fosters self-love. It will help you not to overreact or be impulsive and do or say things in the heat of the moment you might regret later. Remember what Einstein used to say: "You can't solve a problem with the mind that created it." You need to give yourself extra space to process your feelings. It will also help you to be "the calm in the storm." We so need you !!


During an eclipse, the lunar qualities of both emotions and intuition hit their height. So this is an excellent time for you to tune into your intuition and use your enhanced emotional power and insight to heal and overcome any obstacles, particularly around your relationships. This includes how you balance your relationship with self-care and care of others.


When you experience negative emotions, it's easy to be reactive and lose your cool. By taking a self-care BE break (or two), you can stop engaging with the judgments and the drama. Then it becomes easier to tap into your intuition and align with the healing opportunities for you at this time. Use your feelings to shed some light on the issues beneath the conflict. (You can click the DODO Rescue Book link above or go to and sign up to access your free BE Break guide).


When you make time for a BE break to reclaim balance and inner peace, it becomes possible for you to approach a challenging situation with a clear mind and a peaceful heart. It will help you to have a more objective point of view and come up with a supportive solution that respects your higher good and the higher good of ALL.


Right now, our global healing opportunity is to shift out of the "me - Me - ME "mindset into the "We," to embrace the higher good for all of us to rise beyond the crisis. There is so much discord in our world, and though we may not be able to fix the whole world, we can contribute to world peace by choosing to create more harmony in our body, mind, and heart. You need to care enough to invest time daily into creating balance in your body and your life.


The month of June is our doorway to heal. With so many planets retrograde and two more coming up, including Mercury, we are in a profound period of reassessing, reorganizing, and realigning with what supports new LIFE within the reality of our new world that respects and honors the higher good of all beings. We are going into Summer with the Solstice and solar eclipse coming up later this month. By taking the time to reset to calm, you can make supportive choices so that you can move forward into a life experience fueled by love with a passion for your well-being and harmony for all.

It starts with you and me. Right now, we have the opportunity to rebuild ourselves and our life with more introspection and insight.

The one habit that will help you transform and get through this transitional time is your self-care habit, which nurtures and strengthens your relationship with yourself! As stuff comes up for you this month, I want to remind you of your choice "to feel it, to heal it." I know it is not always easy. If you need support, reach out.


We have heard the phrase "we are all in this together," and indeed, we have to see the impact we can have on each other. We so need to come together (in a socially distancing way), yet we seem to be more divided than ever. 

Now more than ever, you need to practice kindness, acceptance, and compassion with yourself and others. It's important to remember that it is not about perfection but rather a practice, moment by moment. Your number one job right now is finding your way to your truth, your peace of mind, and the unconditional love of your heart.


Please take gentle care of yourself.


Love, Light and Peace to you and to ALL.




May you remember that you are Amazing!

Be the gift you're here to BE.



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