Falling into October

Oct 03, 2022

I hope you are well and enjoying the change of season. 

We are still navigating the shadow of Mercury retrograde (it began its forward movement on Oct 2; the shadow period ends Oct 16).

So be patient and kind to yourself to avoid frustrations.

We have the opportunity for more clarity this month, especially around relationships starting with your relationship with yourself.

Taking care of your inner well-being will give you more energy to meet the boisterous energy of the coming days. Avoid jumping to conclusions, judging yourself or others and take the time to process your emotions and make supportive choices along the way.

I am sharing more supportive information with an excerpt from my Spark October Energy and Healing opportunities to inspire you to make the most of the weeks ahead. So give yourself 13-minutes to watch it now, and let me know what you choose to focus on this month.

Whatever you do, be sure to give yourself the time and support you need and deserve to make the most of this powerful transformative energy we have available for us this month.

Ready to be supported? Schedule a clarity call to identify your healing opportunities for you right now.

I am sending you gentle healing light your way.



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