Navigating the Gifts of September

Sep 15, 2022
I'm so happy to share with you an excerpt from my Spark inspiration and healing opportunity message for September.
September is the 9th month of the year. It is a month of inner reflection, strength, and wisdom. It's the fiery energy of Mars, and we are moving into Virgo energy with the New Moon in Virgo. It's an interesting time to ponder where we are and where we've been. I just want to acknowledge that the last few months have been challenging for some of us more than others. But so much has been coming to the surface.
Some of the old dramas, challenging and hidden parts of ourselves, are our shadows. It can be anything hidden in our subconscious mind, tucked away into a little box and shoved out of the way so we wouldn't have to deal with it. Some of that stuff is painful. And it can trigger old emotional pain right now, bring back old dramas, or it activates frustration or makes it challenging to get into your flow. So we have a window of time before we move into this beautiful healing energy of Mercury Retrograde. (September 9)
There are a lot of planets that are in retrograde right now, and it's all cosmic energy that helps us to anchor more clarity about the truth of who we are. So things that are not aligned, we're going to be very aware of it. We need to activate our courage and fire within and open our hearts to all the good flowing to us and through us. The big thing about the shadows coming up that we need to pay attention to is our judgment.
When we start judging ourselves and holding ourselves in a place of questioning: "why is this happening to me?" that's when we slip into that victim mode. And when we ask: "Why am I still having to deal with this? I've already dealt with this. What's wrong with me that I cannot get past this?" We fall into victim mode. 
If we can look at what is occurring from a loving, compassionate place. Instead of those judgemental questions, you can say: "I hear you, and I'm going to make time and space to take care of you."
That activates your heart. Try putting your left hand on your heart, and ask: "what do you need?" When you feel stuck, ask: "What do you need?" and just take a few gentle breaths into your heart.  I like to put the other hand on the belly. So you anchor your body and soul and then let your mind open into this energy. Relaxing opens the mind. And you'll find that the BE break of the alternate nostril breathing with the naval pump is beneficial. It's in this month's Spark Sound Healing Meditation practice.
If you can, do a naval pump (Pulling your belly in and out as you suspend the breath in (see page 120 in my DO-Do Rescue book).
It's not an easy breath, but it is worth your time. That's why it's part of this month's sound healing meditation practice.
Anytime you need it, you can use the breath as a place to meet frustration with kindness and love.
Speaking of meeting ourselves with kindness: on September 7, Spark members are invited to join my master group for a workshop to learn how to set these anchors of self-kindness within the reality of our day. We need to develop those anchors, those habits that allow us to reset ourselves to our line of well-being.
This is an excellent month to work with your thumbs because they represent the Mars energy. It's your ego, it's about doing and taking actions, and you want to elevate that to connect to your intuition. I'm going to show you an effective way to do that. Grab your right thumb with your left hand. ( see video for details) Hold it at your solar plexus comfortably above your navel. This helps to anchor the energy of the lower triangle or lower part of your body. You can experience feeling supported. You can breathe in for 4 counts, hold the breath in for 4 counts and exhale for 4 counts and hold it out for 4. Or just breathe in and out. Take gentle breaths, fully inhaling as much as you can and releasing it out completely. And when you're frustrated do a few exhales with the sound of tchoooooo. This can help you to really clear the space.
I suggest you work with the Man Suhaavee Mudra (See pages 159-160 in my DO DO REscue Book)
Let's do it now. (See Video)
First, connect your middle fingers, then curl the other three fingers, thumbs touching, and set the intention to reclaim your inner space of calm.
You can use this hand gesture with the mind shower practice to reset your mind.
It will support you to open to the current opportunity for you to embody your full potential more and more.
The BE breaks really do help you to ease into the new energy.
As you embody your true and expansive self, sometimes feeling resistance is expected because our caveman brain, our reptilian brain, wants to reset to the familiar. Fear of the unknown or the new can pull you back into the struggle or the old stories because they're familiar. So you want to give yourself those anchors to ease into this new energy you're experiencing emerging and move forward. Staying stuck in the old energy only makes us feel frustrated and cranky. We want to practice compassion when the old drama kicks up, and frustrations arise.
These reset anchors will also be very useful this month, as we move into the Mercury Retrograde energy. (September 9)
The Full Moon Meditation class is on the 10th. I love how the universe is taking care of us in such an exquisite way. We have all these energetic landing pads for us to be able to expand into healing opportunities.
The cosmic invitation is for you to make the space in your heart for your soul to have a deeper, more expansive relationship with you.
After my meditation to prepare this information for you, I picked an inspiration card for us. And the card that came was "Relief and Repair." Wow, that's what this month's energy is bringing us.
I encourage you to actively rebuild your resilience and actively strengthen your nervous system. The JoyFull yoga practices in the Spark portal are designed to support you, primarily to support the glands and the vagus nerve. Consciously make the space to heal, engaging your body, heart, and spirit.
This is a month to slow down, get organized, and use this energy to re-evaluate what's working well and what's not.
Are there things you've been coping with or situations where you are making do?
Is there something that you are struggling with right now?
Let's bring some peace and light into that. And find a way to resolve things in a manner that allows you to speak your truth in a kind, compassionate way. And as you speak your truth, communicate your needs, and establish boundaries, you become the C.E.O. (Conscious, Empowered Owner) of your life.
From a peaceful heart, it becomes easier to make conscious choices to step out of the drama. Then we can let go of what is not serving us and our highest good, so we can move into more supportive circumstances.
"What can I do right now?" Listen to your heart.
Let's practice using the Man Suhaavee mudra: Middle fingers meet, thumbs touching and towards you.
Close your eyes and feel the energy in your heart as you allow the breath to gently move through you. Breathing through your nose. (If the mudra is uncomfortable for you, you can do into purifying mudra by connecting your thumb to your middle and ring finger.)
And we're going to exhale the sound of Ra and feel it going into the earth or
Breathe in through an open mouth. Then, release the breath from your heart with a "Mmaaa" sound.
Then breathe in through the rounded lips. Suspend your breath with the tongue tip behind your front teeth.
Exhaling with a "Tsssss" sound. Imagine the breath releasing form your crown.
Take 2 more breaths like that.
You can also just breathe in through your nose slowly, pause with your inhale (if you can), and exhale through your mouth 3 times.
Remember, when you don't know what to do; rub your knees! It's always a beautiful way for you to connect to your heart. And to be in a supportive, loving intention with yourself.
Get the support you need if you feel stuck or overwhelmed. It's your job to get the help you need.
When you allow yourself to feel supported, you will feel the love open in your heart. From there, it becomes easier for you to experience your soul. Finally, you will start to let that joy emerge from the core of your being. I promise you, it's there waiting for you with open arms.
I wish you a beautiful month.
With Love and Light
PS: To join us for the Self-Kindness workshop and access the new Spark sound healing meditation with daily practices, all you need to do is click the button to join Spark now.
You will get immediate access. Spark also has a library of JoyFull Yoga classes (chair and matt)
I would also love to have you join us for the full moon healing circle on September 10.
We look forward to welcoming you into our spark community. Please take gentle care of yourself, Namaste.