Your Power of Inner Peace to Navigate the Storms of Life

Jan 20, 2022

The past few months have brought numerous challenges for us all. In tumultuous times, stress levels run high. When fear, frustration, and anger take over, your mind can take you places you never would choose to go. From there, inner peace seems far out of reach and may feel impossible, even with the best intentions. Yet with practice, you can learn to redirect your mind, moment by moment, to create harmony in your body even during a rough patch in your life. It sounds simple enough. Why is it so hard to maintain a positive state of mind and to prioritize our inner well-being?


"The brain is like Velcro for bad experiences but Teflon for good ones - which wears down health, fuels conflicts with others, and piles up feelings of frustration, hurt, and disappointment."

- Dr. Rick Henson PhD


The brain automatically wants to focus on the negative. It's part of our survival instinct. I can't just bury my head in the sand and ignore all the upsetting things going on in my life and the world."


Cultivating a positive mind isn't about the denial of what is showing up in your life. That is the biggest misconception that keeps us in our internal tug-of-war. Acknowledging your feelings honestly is an essential aspect of your well-being and healing process. Denying your feelings and pretending it's all ok with you when it is not will only give you a temporary relief or distraction. We do need to "feel" our feelings as they are when they show up, but the key is to take care not to let your minds get overtaken by the undertow of your emotions. You need to practice meeting "what is," with curiosity instead of judgments. In this state of surrender, you can let go of the magnetic pull of the drama and take responsibility in the moment, to make a supportive choice. You don't waste your precious energy towards what you don't want by resisting and complaining.


Be curious, not furious!


"Tragedy stays alive by feeling what's been done to us, while peace comes alive by living with the results."

- Mark Nepo


Ask yourself: 'what can I do to help myself or the situation at this moment?" 

Doing a destressing BE Break to reclaim your peace of mind and heart will help you get there. Every time you take an action to support the solution, you are empowering yourself to take back your mind so you can BE in alignment with your goals of what you DO want. Remember those judgmental thoughts and dense feelings, like frustration, anger, and hate, over a period of time, weaken your immune system and can become toxic. Acknowledging your feelings and choosing to align with the healing opportunity of a situation will help you avoid the pitfalls of overwhelm and help keep your mind and body healthy. 

For me, lately, it's been a daily practice of meeting myself with compassion with what is showing up and practicing not judging myself and others. I have to mind myself that it's not about perfection but perseverance. I've learned the hard way that it is crucial for me not to let the stress build up. It's easier when I maintain my inner balance and I can do that within all the ups and downs, stressful moments when I practice self-care throughout my day-to-day. It's the gift of my Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-Be Lifestyle I write about in my DO-Do Rescue Remedy book.


Though our brain is wired naturally to focus on the bad, you can evolve from that by consciously choosing to take BE Breaks throughout your day. Each time you take the time to cultivate inner peace, you reclaim the power of your mind. Inner peace increases your ability to create a life you love and practice being discerning in how you choose to engage with life, moment by moment, breath by breath.

Creating moments of inner peace, even a few minutes within your busy day, will give you the space to meet your dense emotions with compassion, and have the ability to let the drama go, release stress and negativity. A "Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-Be rhythm in your day opens you to the experience of unconditional love because, ultimately, self-care is self-Love. Each BE Break gives you a self-care moment that helps you to transcend the negative mind so you can move forward with your day as part of the solution instead of getting stuck in the drama of the situation. Investing time to create peace opens you to solutions and brings you into a brighter, healthier version of yourself. It's an act of profound self-respect to allow healing to occur in your body, your life, and, ultimately, our world. 

It's never too late to learn how to rewire your mind to support your higher good.

I want to support you towards your goals to feel more balanced and in control of your life.

I have created a quick and easy way for you to start integrating self-care within your day and get you going with your Do-Be-Do-BE-Do-BE Lifestyle.


Take a BE Break with ME NOW and receive a bonus gift of my Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-Be Lifestyle Quickstart guide for FREE now when you join my 5-day Self-Care challenge. I will guide you every step of the way.


"To help create world peace, we must learn to make inner peace in our body important enough. Investing in inner peace is a contribution to world peace." 


Thank you for caring and sharing. 

I am sending love, light, and peace to your heart and to ALL.




May you remember that you are Amazing!

Be the gift you're here to BE.




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