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Stepping Stones to Manifest Your Intentions

Mar 11, 2022

September is giving us a stepping stone path to get clear so that we can make measurable progress towards manifesting our heart's desire. We are emerging from an epic time of crisis, from pandemic to weather disaster, to your own personal experiences of loss and frustration. We now have an opportunity not to go back to normal but instead move forward into a new, more conscious world. It's prime time to reclaim your state of well-being within your reality in all areas of your life. It's time now more than ever for you to feel aligned with your purpose and reclaim your joy of being.


This current new moon period is a doorway for you to feel into your heart and set into motion intentions that can support you to bring forth more abundance, compassion, love, and joy into your life.


First, make an unedited list; whatever comes to mind. Then for each one, feel into your heart and ask: "Does this feel true for me at this time?" "Does this feel aligned with what I want to experience in my life now?"

Cross off the ones that are not relevant or not aligned with your joy, and pick your top three priorities right now (I suggest you focus on no more than 5.)


Then write for each one the actions you can take in the days and weeks ahead to support those intentions and schedule them in your calendar. 

September is the perfect time for you to declutter your space and your mind.

For the first part of the month, I suggest focusing on decluttering your space and your mind. Practice consciously discerning what is serving you and what you need to let go and release. Choose to nurture the thoughts, ideas, and mental attitudes that support your intentions right now and intentionally clear out what is not. I suggest you schedule time for a daily alignment practice like a BE break to help you do this. ("The Mind Shower" pg 159 in my Book: "Do-Do Rescue Remedy: from Overwhelmed to Thriving" is a great option).


There is an opportunity for you to use your superpower of choice to expand into a more significant experience of abundance, joy, and love every day, in every way. Consciously choose to take actions that are aligned with your highest good. You can more easily access your gift of choice when you are in the present moment. If you allow yourself to get sucked into all the drama around you, you are likely to get pulled into the feelings of fear, worry, doubt, overwhelm, and end up discouraged and forget that how you respond in any situation is your choice.


Watch where situations arise that feel familiar. If you find yourself asking: "Why is this happening to me again!" or if you are feeling unheard or not seen or underappreciated.


Reframe the questions towards yourself: "Where am I not listening to myself, my body? or simply asking "How can I take care of myself within this situation at this moment?"


Be mindful about what's showing up to trip you up. Practice being curious instead of judgemental. When you feel fear or worry taking over, pause and say to yourself: "thank you for sharing your concern or fear, I hear you, I bless you, and I lovingly release you."


When triggered into anger or frustration, consciously bring yourself back into the present moment by taking a few gentle slow breaths. From there, it becomes easier for you to mindfully choose a supportive intention to reset to calm. For example, you can say something like: 

"I want to consciously bring healing light into this (fill in the blank)________. "

"I now choose to invite more peace in my body, my work, into the situation now."


You must acknowledge the challenging emotions. This practice isn't about putting a bandaid on the pain or challenge you are facing. Instead, you allow yourself to feel it to heal it. Then intentionally choosing to align emotionally with what you do want. That is the secret sauce to creating more of what you do want. Your feelings create magnets for what you attract into your life experience. Practicing shifting your feelings towards something supportive demagnetizes the negative pull.


Here are the three essential steps you don't want to miss to manifest your intentions:

  • Choose to meet yourself and others with compassion.

  • Practice aligning yourself with what you do want.

  • Stay in the present moment with authentic gratitude.


Authentic gratitude requires you to be aware and accepting of the reality of the current situation. For example, if you say, "I'm grateful for my prosperity." and your bank account is empty, the feeling of lack, or fear of not having enough is likely to poke you. 

Instead, say something like - "I am grateful for the opportunity to expand into more abundance and prosperity day by day, at this time."

"Thank you for the opportunities coming my way to manifest my intentions."

"I gratefully attract all the support and resources I need in alignment with my higher good at this time."

Authentic gratitude is a practice that activates positive magnets to move into a reality that attracts more joy in your life.

I created the New Moon Sound Healing class to support you with the current energetic opportunities. 

Together we can create a beautiful, more caring world.

I am sharing with you from my heart to yours.

If you are not able to afford the class at this time, click here to receive it as a gift.  

If you can afford the class price, I gratefully receive your support - may it be returned to you 10-fold.


I believe that world peace begins with inner peace and that we are all co-creating this new world together, one choice at a time.


It is a privilege to share this journey with you. Please take gentle care of yourself. Remember that a more caring world is emerging as we learn to prioritize our self-care.


I’m grateful to share the journey with you. With Love and Light, 


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