If you suffer from allergies, the thought of breathing is challenging as the sneezing and itchy eyes, and scratchy throat… make you feel miserable. Some of us with pulmonary issues can experience more severe manifestations, like asthma.

Here are a few helpful suggestions inspired by Ayurveda, which is the yogic approach to supporting well-being in mind, body and spirit:

  • Drink more fluids than usual. It is important to stay hydrated to help flush out toxins. Copper water two times a day is great! (See last month’s article).
  • Stress plays a big part in creating inflammation in your body and can intensify the symptoms of allergies. You can lower your stress levels and improve lung function by practicing yogic breathing techniques found in my program, “Yoga on the GO.” It can rejuvenate and cleanse lungs of impurities and allergens. Yoga, in general, is a great way to lower stress in your body and mind.
  • Neti...